• Copper-clad Steel Wire
  • Copper-clad Steel Wire
  • Copper-clad Steel Wire
  • Copper-clad Steel Wire

Copper-clad Steel Wire

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Product Description

We produce steel wire coated copper with OD size φ0.40-2.40, Tensile strength 275-2500Mpa,Electricity conduct rate 15-40%Elongation 1%-25%.With tight size tolerance and perfect mechanical properties and softness.

Specifications︰ We mainly produce mild strength copper coated steel wire, high strength copper coated steel wire, and copper coated nickle iron wire. With high-level technology, advanced workmanship and facilities, our annual output nearly 3000 tons, and can arrange production according to the requirements specified by the chinese standards yd/t722-94 of ministry of posts and telecommunications,or The british stand BS4087-1989,or American standard ASTM B452-02,ASTM B227-04,ASTM B228,ASTM B869-04 and SJ/T2421-1996.  
Advantages︰ The copper coated steel wire is a kind of newly used international communication wire and power conducting wire. It possesses both good conductivity as copper wire and excellent strength as steel wire,And owns many advantages,such as strong loading capability and wind-resistance,good weldablity and steady conductivity, small transmission decay and high fidelity, ect. Its skin effect of high frequency communication signal acts as well as pure copper wire. So it is being used widely as CATV cable all arould the world,and as electrified train, cocentric intertwist care wire,power safety Net, and power & telecom supply cable for the field military,and so on.

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