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Titanium Rod

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Product Description

Titanium is the fourth most abundant structural metal in the earth's crust and is the ninth industrial metal. Due to its unprecedented strength, lightness, stable market and non-corrosive characteristics, titanium has emerged as the metal of choice for aerospace, industry and medical, leisure and consumer products, notably golf clubs and bicycle frames


Titanium Bar, Titanium Rod 


ASTMB 348, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, GB/T 2965--2007


GR1,GR2,GR3,GR4,GR5,GR7,TC4, etc


DIA:2.0~350mm, Length:2000~4000mm




Forged, Rolling 


Round, Square, Hexagonal


Heat treatment; Cold forming; Annealing treatment


Metallurgy, industrial, medical, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, aerospace, etc.

Features of Titanium Bar 

1). High tensile strength; 
2). High corrosion resistance; 
3). Low density, good thermal stability; 
4). Non-ferromagnetic; 
5). Good biocompatibility; 
6). High temperature and low temperature resistance; 
7). High resistance to strong acid and strong alkali and so on. 

Advantages︰ Application

1). Aircraft manufacturing
2). Naval construction
3). Used for saltwater desalination, heat exchangers, reaction towers, distillers, washing towers, hybriders, valves, tubes, pumps, pipelines, electrolysis electrodes, electro bath containers and anode superstructures for industries involved in petrochemistry, fiber, pulp, fertilizer, acid and alkali, sodium, chlorine, electrochemistry, and so on.
4). Metallurgy industry Corrosion-resistant material for smelting nickel and cobalt, titanium, zinc. Deoxidizing agent and alloy material for steel manufacturing.
5). Health and hygiene Materials for making medical apparatus and instruments for orthopedic surgery.
Export Markets︰ Europe
Payment Details︰ T/T L/C

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