•  HPL faced MgO fireproof board
  •  HPL faced MgO fireproof board
  •  HPL faced MgO fireproof board
  •  HPL faced MgO fireproof board
  •  HPL faced MgO fireproof board

HPL faced MgO fireproof board

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Product Description

Compared with traditional gypsum boards/drywalls and fiber cement boards, Magnesium Oxide Boards have the following advantages

(1) Better fireproof performance: 15mm fireproof gypsum boards/drywalls reaches Grade B1 fire-resistant performance, 3mm Magnesium Oxide Board reaches Grade A fire-resistant performance.

(2) Waterproof: Gypsum boards/drywalls are easy to absorb water, tend to swell and deform in wet condition, Magnesium Oxide Board doesn't swell or deform in wet condition, strength is even higher in wet condition than in dry condition.

(3) Healthy: Magnesium Oxide Board doesn't contain asbestos, formaldehyde or benzene.

(4) High compatibility: Magnesium Oxide Board can be glued with various decorative materials such as wood veneer, PVC film, melamine film, brick, stone, aluminum foil, etc.

(5) Lower damage rate: Strength of gypsum boards/drywalls is lower than Magnesium Oxide Board, damage rate is high, fiber cement board is crisp, damage rate is high.

(6) Better sound insulation performance: Sound insulation effect of 95mm thick partition wall made of Magnesium Oxide Boards equals to 123mm thick partition wall made of gypsum drywall.




New product HPL laminated decorative mgo wall board

Composition: The materials of HPL laminated MGO board are Magnesia(MgO), Magnesium Chlorid(MgCl2) and Alkali glass fiber net, and melamine laminated on both sides of the board.

Main Characteristic:
1. Super environmental protection
A green product, zero radioactivity, does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. It does not produce any harmful gases and smoke when meet high temperature or fire. The surface is non-toxic, and can be touched with food in food shop.

2. Excellent performance on pollution resistant and antibacterial
The surface does not have holes, and this is good for antibacterial. It also has good performance on the prevention of alkaline or acidic agents, iodine tincture and blood.

3. Easy to clean. The high density surface can prevent the permeation of dirt, and can be easily cleaned out with a piece of wet cloth. Also, you can use the detergent to clean the surface.

4. Damp-proof. The core material is inorganic material containing rear earth, and its bending strength won't slow down in wet, and also won't be corroded and mildewed.

5. High bending strength and impact resistance:
The bending strength of 5mm board can reach to 30MPA. The high density surface has good impact resistance, and can not be easily destroyed.

6. Fireproof: Grade A

7. High C/P Ratio
Low maintaining cost and long life. Easy for processing and installation which can save a lot of time

8. Excellent decorative effect
Plenty of color patterns and modern style making the special decorative effect.

1. Can be widely used for decorative materials of interior walls bathroom, sliding doors, ceilings, kitchens etc.
2. Can be widely used for the body of furniture and laminated floor.
3. Can be widely applicable to table, door and furniture, surface toilet partition, laboratory worktop, wall cladding etc.
4. Can be widely used for hotel clubs, bars, restaurants and so on.


Specifications︰ 1. Size
1220mmx2440mm 1220mmx3050mm 1310mmx2440mm 1310mm x3050mm
2. Thickness
Standard HPL: 0.5mm~1.0mm.
Post-forming HPL: 0.5mm~0.6mm.
Metallic HPL: 0.7mm~1.0mm
Compact: 1.0mm~12mm.
3. Color
Solid/plain color, fantastic color, wood grain color, metal, wooden veneer or customized color
4. Surface finishing Glossy, Matt, Texture and some other special surfaces.
5. Packing Wooden case for HPL/ wooden Pallet for Compact Laminate
0.5mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 600pcsX14cases=8400PCS
WEIGHT: 2.2KGX8400PCS+80kgX14cases=19.60TON
0.6mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 500pcsX14cases=7000 PCS
WEIGHT: 2.7KGX7000PCS+80kgX14cases=20.02TON
0.7mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 450pcsX14cases=6300 PCS
WEIGHT: 3.1KGX6300PCS+80kgX14cases=20.65TON
0.8mm: LOAD: 14cases per 20ft container, 400pcsX14cases =5600 PCS
WEIGHT: 3.6KGX5600PCS+80kgX14cases=21.28TON
6. Port of shipment Zhangjiagang port/Shanghai port, China
7. Payment 1) T/T 30% in advance, 70% before shipment 2) L/C at sight
8.Delivery time It depends on the specific order quantity
9.Minimum order quantity 2000 PCS
Advantages︰ Melamine(HPL) laminate MGO board is made by gluing melamine paper to MGO panel, it combines advantages of MGO panel and melamine paper, is an innovative decorative and building material, widely used for interior decoration and furniture making.

2.Heating insulation
3.Sound insulation
4.Enviroment friendly low carbon
5.Energy-saving insulation,waterproof,decoration
6,Linked with sticky,solid and reliable
7,Excellent performance of wind pressure
8,Permeability magic
9,Strong anti-impact performance
10,Earthquake resistance

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